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About Us

Brand Story

Sterxy.com is an online retail store established in June 2014 that sells high quality products based on the principle of ‘Design in China, Made in China’.   

The inspiration of establishing Sterxy.com comes from an unforgettable trip to Suzhou of Stella Zhou, the founder of Sterxy. 2012 was the 20th wedding anniversary of Stella’s parents, she wanted to prepare something unusual and unique as a gift that would impress her parents for the coming wedding anniversary. So she went to Suzhou to visit a well-known handicrafts man, who is specialized in Suzhou embroidery, and asked for a customized embroidered painting with blessing phrases on it. At that old workshop, Stella was deeply attracted by the complicate process and exquisite handmade craftsmanship. Through the conversation with the handicrafts man, Stella realized that embroidery is not only a handicraft with millennial history, but also a witness of the unceasingly inherited quintessence in Chinese culture. After graduating from university, Stella decided to set up an online platform not only displaying Chinese culture but also functioning as an assembly of indigenous inheritage and innovation in China.

All the products are handpicked from our buyers based on the principle of ‘Design in China, Made in China’, among which intricate craftsmanship and indigenous designs come first. Made up of energetic and independent young people, the team holds the belief that initiative along with quality is fundamental. Heading in this direction, we are innovation-driven, emphasizing quality over quantity and achieving green development.      

About Company

Sterxy Trading Co., Ltd is a B2B & B2C trading company with offices based in China and UK. The product range covers from home accents, decorative accessories, gifts and etc. Apart from the online retailing store Sterxy.com, the company also sells products as a wholesaler.   

Currently, there is another service provided by Sterxy - sourcing reliable Chinese suppliers for oversea business. Sourcing in China is an international transaction after all, during which exist of some potential problems; such as failure to meet the requirements, postponement of delivery and unsatisfactory quality. In order to eliminate these problems, we guarantee all the procedures work effectively and efficiently with timely communication. 

Sterxy endeavor to provide our customers with trustworthy quality, competitive price, speedy delivery and satisfactory customer service.